A-WHAT makes CHIEF’'s ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP so special? 

1- Because the PROGRAM was designed in Australia by former and currently serving Royal Australian Infantry solder based on more than 20-year-old experience in Outdoor, Group Personal Training method, researched and formulated for maximum gains, by combining ATP, anaerobic and aerobic conditioning, all in just 1 hour of workout.

2- Because the INSTRUCTORS have to undergo rigorous training by the Australia Global Master Trainer, International Master Trainer, Regional Master Trainer and assessed & re-assessed to ensure they are qualified.

B- WHO can join? 

The program was designed to cater to overweight couch potatoes, working executives as well as professional athletes who aim to lose weight, improve their health, as well as improve their athletic performances.

Co-founder Armin Baniaz Pahamin & Dr Malek Aziz are both cancer survivors. Armin Baniaz had Leukemia (1990) and Dr Malek had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (1993). We both knew the importance of exercising and taking care of our health yet we constantly and consistently failed to exercise... until Bootcamp!!!

Surrender yourself to the program now for ONLY RM299 per month and you will not only look younger but feel younger.... If cancer survivors Armin Baniaz and Dr Malek Aziz (who's 58 years old) can do do it, so can you!!!

Military Corps Training - MC12: RM299


Military Corps Training (Codename: MC12 and MC8)

CHIEF'S ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP Malaysia Corps Training is the program that started the boot camp fitness revolution. Since its inception in 1991, it has become the most imitated fitness system, yet no other company has been able to replicate the results, or overall experience provided by this innovative program.

A military inspired, outdoor group personal training program that utilises discipline based motivational techniques, Corps Training has been scientifically designed to achieve serious results, seriously fast, no matter what you current fitness level.

In its basic form, Corps Training consists of three, 60 minute sessions each week, for four weeks. The program begins with a Benchmark Workout which allows your instructors to not only judge your current strengths and weaknesses, but to place you into sections with other Recruits of an equivalent fitness level to yourself. By placing you into these sections, your individual Section Commander can ensure that you are continually challenged, without asking more of you than you are physically able.

As the program progresses, each session increases in intensity, in order to ensure that you are constantly improving. Be aware, Corps Training is definitely no walk in the park, but we guarantee that it achieves serious results, seriously fast.

As part of our dedication to providing all of our recruits an inspiring and entertaining way to train, our providers are committed to  ensuring that no matter how long, or how often you train with us, you will never repeat the same session twice.  That's right. We have recruits who have been training with us for over 5 years now, and it still amazes them that we can still come up with fresh and challenging new sessions, month after month.

Whether you are an elite athlete, or a soon to be ex-couch potato, this program has been scientifically designed to achieve maximum results, in the minimum amount of time.

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Using the time tested and proven methods used by the world's most elite Special Forces and Special Operations units, Platoon Dynamics' Practical Leadership programs arm participants with the tools required to become not only effective leaders, but skilled team builders within their own right.

Forget the long winded lectures and tedious text books. Our highly experienced training cadre will not only instruct your team on the finer points of effective leadership, but will allow them the opportunity to apply and experiment with what they have learned in an exciting, physically challenging environment.


Interesting and mentally challenging tasks are completed in a physical environment, requiring planning, communication, leadership, team coordination and lateral thought. Processes that occur during the completion of tasks are later related back to the group's specific working environment.

All Platoon Dynamics' programs have been designed and developed by our Senior Training Cadre, consisting of both former and current serving officers from within Australia's Special Forces, Special Operations and Combat communities, along with leading performance psychologists.